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1. Increase the length: the overall length of the quick release connector is 10cm, which can add at least 15cm to the entire strap.

2. Improve efficiency: to solve the problem that the strap cannot be quickly disassembled, this fastener can realize quick disassembly and quick assembly, which improves the efficiency of photography.

3. Material: quick-release buckle combined with strong tensile plastic and manganese steel sheet, and ultra-dense fiber rope.

4. Load-bearing: according to the different load-bearing ratio of the tensile force, the super tensile force of 70-90 kg is tested, and it can withstand all slr cameras.

5. Purpose: it can be used with various adapter wrist straps and straps to quickly increase the speed of disassembly and assembly of the strap.


It can solve the problem that the strap is too wide to pass through the fine holes, the 2mm thick fiber rope is suitable for 90% of the cameras on the market.


Shell material: PA66

Shrapnel material: manganese steel 65M

Rope material: nylon dense fiber

Total length: 10cm

Rope length size: length: 5cm, thickness: 2mm

Quick release board size: length: 5cm, width: 2.5cm

Package Included:

1 * Quick Release Connector


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